Organic Chicken Breast

Minimum 1.00 Pound at $10.45/Pound
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Free Range

Free-range, Organic Chicken Breast (air-cooled and hand cut to preserve taste and integrity)

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The Food Hub is made up of 15+ farms from Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York. These farms are unified in their belief that local, ethically-raised foods taste superior to and are more nutrient dense than what you find in the supermarket; moreover, growing food in an ecologically-friendly manner is healthier for the land and its inhabitants, people, plants, and animals alike. Through the Hub, we supply local restaurants, specialty markets, and green grocers - all of whom benefit from the variety and high quality of food grown by our partners. And now, the everyday shopper can also have access to the same quality and quantity of produce and proteins - thanks to our partnership with Fresher Choice!