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Groups of small and local vendors growing together on a single marketplace.

C-Commerce (Community Commerce)

C-Commerce (Community Commerce) A group of people sharing a common interest in supporting the efforts of growing sales and awareness of each other’s products or services in-person and online using a single commerce platform.

Our Story

What if local people were empowered to organize small makers and growers in their communities to help them connect with customers looking for what they're selling? Fresher Choice is making this possible through our Vendor Communities concept.

We hand pick vendor organizers and provide a marketplace for their vendor community to list products and sell directly to people like you. It's a Fresher take on tech meets local.

The Power Of Community

How important is it to know and trust who you're buying from? With C-Commerce, trust comes in groups. A group of quality vendors lead by a community organizer ensures each seller is providing the highest quality items for you and your loved ones.

Secondly, trust comes with knowing who your buying from. When buying from small businesses, you have the unique ability to get to know the seller and build lasting connections with those making or growing the things you love!

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